A collection of my poetry and lyrics.

Death of a boy in thick jess
by Chris Cocks

A boy took a round in the throat that day
In the winter of ’77
In single file he was leading the way
On terrain that was rough and uneven

The horse flies were biting, the jesse bush tore
At our jump suits, our webbing and skin
Our camo cream ran, the sweat was a whore
In our eyes and our cuts it got in

The point man was yanking at creepers and vines
Visibility was down to a yard
The air was so thick, ambush played on our minds
Moving forward was so fucking hard

Gunfire erupted to the front and the side
As we crashed to the earth seeking cover
AKs were cracking, with nowhere to hide
As a gunship came into the hover

Then our gunner came up, a hundred-round belt
On his gun he drummed out his tattoo
He blasted those fuckers right back into Hell
His aim straight and low and so true

The gunship was firing, the dust and the smoke
And the cordite were burning our eyes
Our point man was down, feebly clutching his throat
Blood gurgling and sputum and flies

The gunship withdrew to the stick leader’s screams
As the silence of death crept around
Almost incidental, for that’s what it seems
A boy was now dead on the ground

In single file he’d been leading the way
On terrain that was rough and uneven
A boy took a round in the throat that day
In the winter of ’77
The Great Macandalay: Chapter 1
By Chris Cocks

A long time ago in the days long gone by
Wee Ambrose Macavity decided to fly.
He went into the kirk and climbed up the steeple
And glanced down to the square to the hundreds of people.

Then the North Wind came up and it started to blow
And in with it came the sleet and the snow.
The steeple did sway and it started to wobble;
Wee Ambrose Macavity was now in BIIIIG trouble

A jackdaw flew by and with a squawk of delight,
Pecked at the boy who got such a fright.
“Jump, my wee laddie; you know you can fly.
“I will wait on the square to suck out an eye!”

And then shrieked a crow from the top of the spire,
“Jump, bonny laddie; you’ll fly higher and higher.
“Don’t listen to jackdaw who’ll suck out your eyes;
“I’ll be waiting below with a nice wee surprise.”

“Begone with you, crow!” screamed the jackdaw in ire.
“His eyeballs are mine, as is the rest of him, sire!”
And the North Wind did howl as the raven did call,
“Desist from such squabbling, or ye’ll get nothing at all!”

While Ambrose Macavity prepared for his fate,
His foot nudged a tile that fell at a rate.
Then a claw grabbed his ankle and Ambrose did scream,
Pulled down from the spire as in a terrible dream.

He clutched at the tiles, he clutched all around,
While he slid and he slithered on his way to the ground.
And still the claw grabbed and would not let go,
As the people looked up ’mid the sleet and the snow.

The blackbirds they howled as they watched the boy fall.
Their dinner was gone, they’d get nothing at all.
And then he was floating, the claw held on tight
T’was a feeling of joy after such a big fright.

Then Ambrose looked up to spy the claw’s master
And heaved a great gulp, as the creature flew faster
A most curious thing, t’was all covered with hair
A miniature version of a black grizzly bear

It wore on its head a black mortar-board hat
And aviator glasses, mind, Ray-Bans at that!
With a Venetian moustache that twirled up to one side,
Like a gondola driver on a leisurely ride.

They swooped and they swithered all over the sky;
No North Wind allayed them as they scooted by
Over burns and through glens, destination unknown
Till they came to Black Mountain all covered in stone.

The creature did stop, in mid-air, so it seemed,
Glancing down at the LZ that had clearly been deemed
So worthy of taking the flyers both unharmed
And settling the lad who was slightly alarmed.

They drifted to earth in a delicate flurry
And landed quite gently without any worry.
Unclawed by the creature, the lad shook his head:
Was he dreaming this now, or was he quite dead?

The creature approached, claw extended in greeting
And spoke with a growl of so peculiar a meeting:
“I am Macandalay, the good and the great;
“I look after bairns who are tempting their fate.”

“Now come with me laddie, there’s work to be done,
“No dill’ing and dall’ing, there’s no time for fun.
“You’ll be my apprentice, you’ll have your reward
“With gratitude, mind, of that you’re assured.”

Ambrose followed the master up into the night
To a cave in the mountain with an ethereal light.
“Sleep now my laddie, there’s a cot at the back,
“When you wake in the morn, ye’ll make the hardtack.”

Wee Ambrose lay down in a blanket of heather,
So warm and inviting in this kind of weather
Macandalay sat down on a chair made of bracken,
And took out a bottle of double-malt McCracken.

Then the North Wind came up and it started to blow,
And in with it came the sleet and the snow.
But the cave was all snug, and the fire did a dance
And Macandalay smiled: he’d left nothing to chance.
Certain Guarantees
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Round and round we go, in and out of love
Baby promise certain guarantees
Let’s sort out this mess, I pray the Lord above
Baby, do you want me on my knees?

No, no, no, baby don’t do it
No, no, no, baby don’t leave me
No, no, no, baby let’s prove it
No, no, no, baby I need you now

The drama and the guilt, this feeling of pain
The anguish and the power of it all
Two prisoners of love behind the bars of hate
With feet of clay, we are about to fall


Baby, promise certain guarantees
My love is like a terminal disease
So foreign in your life you do not know …

The apocalypse in love, the dying of the cells
The healing of the wounds will take some time
Constriction of the heart, the ringing of the bells
The pools of love, the water and the wine

Chorus & Refrain to fade …
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Do you want me around, girl
I know what you found, girl
And it’s something, something not me
I got my ear to the ground, girl
I don’t like the sound, girl
And it’s something, something not me

Well, come on little baby, don’t you push me too hard
I give you an inch and then you take a yard
Don’t you play anymore, just give me the facts
Just tell me truth and then I will relax

Je ne fais rien, cherie
Je dis et combine, cherie
De temps, tu gagne le victoire
Le mort á mon coeur, cherie
L’amour dans tes yeux, cherie
Je me demand, mais pourquoi


The depth of your eyes,
It’s futile disguise, girl
And it’s something, something not me
The core of my soul, cherie
There’s really no rule, cherie
And it’s something, something not me

Dead of The Night
Words and music by Chris Cocks

In the dead of the night
The rats in the roof keep playing
I’ll hold you tight
We’ll get along somehow
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na

You don’t have to worry, honey
Everything will turn out fine
Let’s slow down, there is no hurry
Hold your body close to mine

And then morning will come
The dawn can’t be far away
There’ll be things to be done
The reasons will seem clear
The path of love will show us on our way
And bask in rays of hope, enjoining you to stay


There’s the brightness of life
The glaring errors in our style
It will cut you like a knife
And twist the dagger in
Hold me now, I’ll keep you in my warmth
Cold and pain and hate will soon to dissipate

Don’t Go (Your Mama Needs You)
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Away from time the little boy goes down the road
The Caddy driving up along beside him … sorry sonny
Get right in, where did you think you’d get to
A dandelion a-floating on a whim
A little misadventure just the stamp of generation
A one-man circus off to see the world … it ain’t so easy
Boy sits in silence and the man looks down the highway
Alone in thought now he must not be told

Don’t go your mama needs you
I know it won’t be long now
Till you’re together again
Sometimes her heart was breaking
And you thought we didn’t care now
Don’t you understand the pain
It’s been a nightmare …

His dungarees are fading and the pockets now need mending
Harmonica is slightly outa tune … maybe the weather
Maine to Alabama it’s been a long time coming
A fraction late but hardly not too soon
So put your hands in front, just don’t you touch that handle
It’s time you really wanna get to learn … you can’t conceive it
Simple obligation of the kind you haven’t felt yet
Young man it’s not the way that you should turn


It’s not your occupation to be tramping in the alleys
School is the place you really oughta be … you’ve lost some time now
Bought you a guitar although it wasn’t too expensive
A start in life is simply what you need
So perhaps we’ll call it quits and please just don’t bring up the subject
We’re one again and your mother will forget … the trauma fading
Talk to me about it and I’m sure that I can help now
You are my son and please don’t you forget

Drowning in My Tears
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Baby, wotcha doing, are you running away
You claimed that you were really mine
You promised tonight that you were coming to stay
That everything would work out fine

Well, I’m drowning in my own tears
My poor heart is filling with tears
Over you
Well you’re frowning, you’re trying to be cruel
You’re grinding me right into the floor
You’re the queen and I’m playing the fool
’Cos of you

You’re twisted and cunning, you’re a demon to me
You’ve really got a hold of my heart
I’m trapped like a moth in your web of intrigue
It’s been like this right from the start


I don’t know what you’re doing tonight
Are you out on the town with the boys
Baby, you don’t treat me right
I’m no plaything, not one of your toys

You look like an angel but your heart’s made of stone
It’s your eyes that give you away
I’m waiting on the corner and I’m all alone
I know that you aren’t coming to stay


Chorus to fade
Our World
Words and music by Chris Cocks

And it’s our world but we’re creatures on the run from it
Our world and there’s so much to be done to it
Our world, our world must surely change
And it’s my life but I’m a creature on the run from it
My life there’s so much to be done to it
My life, my life must surely change

Let’s talk of love we’ll things on the move
Backs to the wall we can only go one way – and now
Let’s talk of love there’s nothing left to prove
I’m here to stay

And you are my girl, my beauty queen of love – yes you’re
My girl like a flower and a dove – and you’re
My girl, don’t be afraid to say
That you’ll, love me, give me a flicker of a smile – that you’ll
Love me, maybe stay a little while – and you’ll
Love me, concede the fact I pray

Riding on a Crest
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Little darling we’re riding on a crest
There’s credit due for the offer that still stands
And with no complications baby, infatuations baby
Like a millstone round my neck

Oh yeah I thought it wouldn’t happen
The pressure’s on we may have to adjust
The wheel of love spins a little faster
Take the plunge you need a little push

Little darling all the birds have gone to roost
The season’s changing we’ve had our little boost
And with some motivation baby, determination baby
We can keep this thing in tune


Day by day we’ll get a little closer
The rift has gone, the chasm has been closed
With no more accusations baby, just confirmation baby
Revived in love by the offer that still stands

Run Along
Words and music by Chris Cocks

Run along, run along
Run along, it’s getting dark (oh no)
Feeling strong, I can’t go wrong
Don’t leave your sweater by the hearth
Super sleuth and untamed youth
Lucifer of fancy air (oh no)
The devil’s guise is in your eyes
A nest of vipers in your hair

The days will go, I’ll miss you so bad
The ebb and flow of our fortunes seem to matter
Swansong of dreams, just lock the door behind you
Sincerely yours, it’s just a question of the principles
Coming down on you

The army calls, I’ll learn to kill
My memories will not be maimed (oh no)
For all your flaws, I’ll love you still
And I’m not perfect or ashamed
The undue haste, the nervous smile
It’s sentimental to be so (oh no)
It’s not the place, we have a while
Assume the worst, the cock will crow


A dearth of fear, a sparkling light
A simple message in my mind (oh no)
A lonely tears drifts in the night
Adrift in a love, a diamond fine
Run along, run along
Run along, it’s getting dark (oh no)
Feeling strong, I can’t go wrong
Don’t leave your sweater by the hearth

Chorus to fade
So You Say
Words and music by Chris Cocks

You come home from heaven everyday
A simple little task, that’s all you say
You’re on a freeway to the movies
You say you wanna really know what love is / So you say …
No understanding gesture, just gone away
No money in your pocket you’re out to play
You’re on a freeway to your freedom
You say you wanna really know what keeps him / So you say …

No training for the ghettos / Just a simple little girl
You prophesy a love that is so strong
My heart is feeling heavy / But your mind is in a whirl
No words to say it won’t be long / Till you come back to me

Don’t disregard the future and it will be yours someday
A sympathetic person maybe, that’s what I’ll pray
You’re on a pathway to a lifestyle
You say you wanna really know that it’s worthwhile / So you say …
Another age of children and the time is slipping by
You wonder why you left me and I wonder why I cry
You’re on a pathway to destruction
You say you really wanna know what drives him / So you say ….

Spare a Thought
Words and music by Chris Cocks

It’s Christmas time, we’ll share all the warmth it’s bringing
We pass the wine, it was a good year
This is the time for laughter and lots of singing
The child’s face starts to shine

The turkey’s cooked, the Christmas meal has started
The carols play, and the hymns sing on
With lots of joy, let’s all now be open-hearted
See the reindeer and the sleigh

But do we spare a thought for the lonely
For all those people on their own …
It’s nice in here, it’s warm and homely
But the refugee, now he’s on bended knees
From the hunger that is killing him inside

The long cold night, the fire in the hearth is burning
The Yuletide log glows in the dark
With paper crowns, the eyes of the children yearning
The crackers flash a spark


It’s a family time, for peace and the love we’re giving
We pass the wine, full of good cheer
But for some who are struggling just to keep on living
Are they thinking of New Year

Chorus to fade …
Teashop Town
Words and music by Chris Cocks

He walks like a peacock, he don\t like her teashop
She thinks it’s disgraceful
He got no religion, no political conviction
It’s obvious yet she’s faithful

He’s all middle class and he’s no backroom boy
He’s got a good education
He’ll never settle down in her teashop town
It’s a desperate situation

He drives a Toyota, graphic equalizers
She takes the number forty-seven
He swings in the jazz clubs, her child’s in the bathtub
The ballad of Janet and Steven


Employment is impromptu, works when he wants to
She thinks it’s a scandal
The fact of the matter, her wearisome chatter
Is a lot more than he can handle


She works like a Trojan serving up her patrons
With Earl Grey tea in the courtyard
He’s out on a joy ride and she’s on the backslide
She contemplates why she works hard